Windows 7 on MacBook

2009-1-17 Jerry English

A few days ago, I swap my laptop with colleague for a black 13-inch MacBook, which model is A1181. I did challenge MacBook Pro before, but confused with Mac OS, moreover it was a little big to move around, so I returned it. At this time, Windows 7 beta was just launched, I "boot camp" for "Windows 7" without further ado.

The installation took me only 20 minutes that is was very fast. It's better than Vista that there's no extra-optimizing time after first reboot. Booting logo was changed, four balls rolling ... and transformed to a Windows logo.

The video card could be identified automatically. It enabled Aero Glass feature even it's an integrated one. The wireless is OK, but wired network was unknown. The model is: Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller. The sound card couldn't work well either. However, all drivers could be found in "Boot Camp" disc.

The general feeling of operation mode is extremely same as Vista. I used to working on Vista, so I'm used to it. I doubt some voices asserting that he/she loves Windows 7 but not Vista, because they're not so different. It's inevitable to take some time to fit for Windows Vista/7 style from XP.

Internet Explorer attached on Windows 7 was very fast, and Media Player was also changes. Simple window combined with toolbar on screen, it feels like Media Player 6 Classic. "Paint" and "WordPad" use Office 2007 style. And "taskbar" is simplified to all icons. We can pin common program to taskbar for quick launch. The icon will be lightened while running. This is quite similar as Mac.

Leaving aside decoration, I made a file-copy test - copy 1.36 GB movie files from mobile hard drive. The result is: Windows Vista - 75s, Windows 7 - 51s, Mac OS - 45s. From this it appears that Windows 7 internal is improved. But, there's a little bug that Windows 7 couldn't show progression well instead of "calculating ...". It's very pity that two Windows systems couldn't catch up with Mac while copying.

At last, a reminder, if you need use "right" mouse button in Windows, you can try "Apple" + Shift + F10.


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