Top 10 Reasons to Move to Solaris 10

2007-4-20 Jerry Solaris


1. Innovation Pays

Solaris 10 is the one operating system where real innovation continues. We've designed some incredibly powerful and innovative features into Solaris 10 to help you do two things: reduce costs and reduce complexity. Put innovation to work for you and see what an operating system can do for your bottom line.

2. Relentless Availability

Solaris 10 capabilities such as Predictive Self Healing (identifies and fixes problems before you're aware of them) and our Solaris ZFS (zettabyte file system) (delivers "19 9s" worth of automatic data integrity) help your system always stay on. If you want to restart for maintenance purposes, Solaris 10 boots 65 percent faster than Solaris 9. Start treating availability as a given, not a problem.

3. Extreme Performance

Solaris 10 takes the performance momentum from Solaris 9 to the next level by completely rewriting our TCP/IP stack and adding special optimizations for multithreaded processors and x86 architectures. We didn't forget about your applications. We added DTrace, a comprehensive real-time system diagnostic engine built to run on your production systems. DTrace gives you performance and operating data on everything that goes on in your computer and allows you to pinpoint exactly where the bottlenecks are.

4. Optimal Utilization

In today's business climate, everyone in IT knows that they need to get more from what's already in the data center. With Solaris Containers you maximize utilization by running more independent applications on the same hardware. The Solaris Containers software enables you to give each application its own private environment. Need to reboot a container for whatever reason? Do so in seconds.

5. Unparalleled Security

Solaris 10 brings our Process Rights Management model from our award-winning Trusted Solaris release out to the mainstream. We've also enhanced our cryptographic framework to give administrators more power over what protection will be used in what environments. Solaris 10 raises the bar on what an operating system should be doing to protect you from others--and to protect you from yourself.

6. Platform Choice

Sometimes "one-size-fits-all" is the best choice. We've carefully optimized Solaris 10 on every supported platform to ensure that you get the most out of your hardware. We've strengthened our 32-bit support for Xeon Processor MP, and added 64-bit support for AMD Opteron processors, and ensured optimal performance for our new UltraSPARC IV processors lineup. So design your data center around big iron, small iron, or both--and run Solaris 10 everywhere to get the best performance for the least complexity.

7. Interoperable

We've made Solaris 10 the most interoperable operating system platform ever. Linux applications will run on Solaris 10--natively. No emulation, no complication, no performance hit. Perhaps you want to recompile your x86 application to run on some bigger UltraSPARC iron -- no problem. We base our work on open standards to make transitions easy--and a lot less expensive than the last transition you went through.

8. Guaranteed Application Compatibility

Solaris 10 seems like a completely new operating system and in many ways it is. However, in one important way, it's the same operating system you've been running for years. We guarantee that your currently running Solaris application will run on Solaris 10 without failure. If not, we fix Solaris. Maybe a guarantee like this is something new to you, but not to long-time Solaris customers who like to upgrade and relax--not upgrade and start debugging.

9. More Than Just an Operating System

Solaris 10 has so many compelling features that it's easy to overlook other important Sun offerings that can round out your enterprise solution. Sun Studio developer tools have the features and optimizations you need to get the most out of your application development efforts. Sun Cluster products give you additional high-availability and manageability options to suit your data center architecture. There's much, much more for you to choose from: identity management, desktops, collaboration, portal, etc.--all ready to quickly and easily integrate with the leading UNIX operating system available today: Solaris!

10. World-Class Resources, Services, and Support

From our Early Advantage Training program to our world-class service and support organization to our award-winning BigAdmin portal--we've got you covered when it comes to getting ready for Solaris 10 today or for getting a little help when you need it. If you want more help, our iForce partners and programs or Sun's own Professional Services organization can help you get the most out of the most powerful operating system on the planet--Solaris 10!


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