SMS Survey

2007-5-24 Jerry Java

Author: Tao Zhen
Update: May 23, 2007
Version: 1.0 M1

OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Device: WAVECOM Q2303A GPRS Modem
DB: MySQL 5.0.27
JDK: 1.6.0_01
IDE: NetBeans 5.5

Download: (4.82M)


SMS Survey is a small receivable and analytical tool for activity feedback through GRPS Modem or phone connected to PC. Its ease of use, coupled with real time chart view, make it an essential program for any technology days, for today and tomorrow.


- Read incoming messages from GPRS Modem/Phone and insert messages into database by asynchronous method.
- Refresh chart in real time.
- Lucky draw and send confirmation message.
- Background customizable.
- PNG output.
- XML configuration.
- Local OS look and feel.
- Remote command execute (disable default).

Get Ready:

Use "createdb.sql" in MySQL to create database.

Use "simple.sql" in MySQL to insert some simple data.

How to RUN:

To run the project directly, please double click "go.bat".

To run the project from the command line, go to the this folder and
type the following:

java -jar "gprsmodem.jar"

How to USE:

When Main Frame is visible, click "Start" to connect to the GPRS Modem at first.

"Show" button: Show survey analysis chart.

"Start" button: Start to listening to the GPRS Modem. When SMS received, it'll be inserted into database automatically.

"Draw" button: Pick a lucky phone number from database by random.

"Exit" button: Quit.


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