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近来有人谣传 Sun 要关闭 MySQL 的源代码。这是真的吗?绝对不是!

让我们来看看 Sun 全球技术推广总监 Matt Thompson 的这封发给全球 Sun 校园大使的邮件。



This is absolutely NOT the case.

Please read the following:

You can get some good background from Zack Urlocker's (VP of MySQL products) blog posting here:,

As he says, many decisions on future back-up features still have to be made & we are open to feedback from customers and community alike. That said, we are trying to get past the flames of a few vocal minority to have a honest discussion.

To be clear:

* We have no intention to close-source or cripple the MySQL server.

* Our strategy will be around offering the full-featured MySQL Community database server under the open source GPL license. This is designed for the technical, do-it-yourself developer who chooses to spend their own time supporting themselves in order to save money. And the MySQL Enterprise subscription is for corporate customers who are willing to spend a little money for _additional_ services in order to save time and gain peace-of-mind.

A MySQL Enterprise subscription is made up of:
- MySQL Enterprise Server _Software_
- MySQL Monitor _Services_
- Production Technical _Support_

Interestingly enough, the Enterprise software in the subscription is also GPL. The source code is freely available to the community, but we offer convenient compiled binaries to our subscribers.

There are some in the community that support our strategy:


让我们再看一下前 MySQL CEO 现任 Sun SVP 的 Marten Mikos 评论内容。


Thanks for all the comments on this. We are listening attentively. Let me clarify some facts:

* The business decision on this was made by MySQL AB (by me as the then CEO) prior to the acquisition by Sun, so this has nothing to do with Sun. On the contrary, Sun is more likely to influence this decision the other way.

* It is not a quesiton of close sourcing any existing code, nor anything in the core server. Everything we have released under GPL continues to be under GPL, and the core server will always be under GPL (or some other FOSS licence).

* We will introduce backup functionality for all users (Community and Enterprise) under GPL in version 6.0.

* Additionally we will develop high-end add-ons (such as encryption, native storage engine-specific drivers) that we will deliver to customers in the MySQL Enterprise product only. We have not yet decided under what licence we will release those add-ons (GPL, some other FOSS licence, and/or commercial).

* At all times, because the main backup functionality goes into the core server under GPL, anyone can of course use the api and build their own add-ons or other modifications.

Those are the facts on this. The interesting topic is of course the one of the business model and what the best business model for FOSS software is. I hope to cover that in a separate posting.

In all of this, you have our undivided continued commitment to providing a fantastic and complete MySQL server under GPL for anyone to download and use. If we for whatever reason would not do that, we would risk losing users to other open source databases or risk seeing a fork of our own product. This is the power of open source.

Make sense?

previously CEO of MySQL, now SVP at Sun



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