Self Introduction

2008-6-1 Jerry English

My name is Jerry. I'd like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to meet you all here. Well a little bit about myself really. I'm 23 living in Beijing and now as a fresher postgraduate at the School of Software and Microelectronics of Peking University, majoring in Software Engineering. During the past years as student, I gained great bunch of stuff not only limited in theory but also in practical fashion.

Currently I'm undertaking an internship as campus ambassador for Sun Microsystems. The core responsibilities are technical outreaching and campus road shows where ask for frequent traveling across the country and even going abroad. I feel excited for getting more opportunities to communicate with fellow Chinese students and those who coming from different nationalities.

As for leisure time, I fancy playing basketball and ping pang, listening music, watching movies and other kinds of entertainment. My hobby is a good safety-valve for the tension that builds up at study and work.

I can't describe my personality and character well enough with this few minutes I've been given here. Generally speaking I'm an energetic person with great confident of myself and what I've been doing. Call me an optimistic if you fancy while another treat out of me is largely due to my innovative mindset and cooperative attitudes towards team work and so on so forth. Sure you'll explore more about my self as we get the chance to know each other better later on.

Again it is my pleasure to meet all of you talents here and thank you all for your time and patient.


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